Church & State in the “Land of Steady Habits”

Has there ever been complete separation of church and state in Connecticut?

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A Connecticut Lawyer Stands for Human Rights

To what extent is the international community responsible for the protection of human rights?

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“Women of Connecticut: Are You Helping?” The Reaction to Emergency Food Measures During World War I

Do government campaigns to promote “voluntary” patriotic efforts in a time of war strengthen or weaken American democracy?

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“Saved.” Theodate Pope and the Sinking of the Lusitania

To what extent has the United States succeeded in remaining neutral in times of war or global conflict?

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Connecticut Prepares for War, 1917

How does the role of government change in a time of war?

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Peach Pit Hogshead

Joining the War Effort, One Peach Pit at a Time

How does an entire society participate in war?

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Letter from Charles F. Coughlin to his mother, November 16, 1917

Over There: A Connecticut Soldier in France

How do you measure the cost of war?

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The Immigrant Experience During World War I: Enemy Aliens

How did the government effort to mobilize and monitor the Connecticut home front during World War I affect the immigrant experience and conceptions of national identity?

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Detail of the pamphlet American Ideals

Beware Thy Neighbor? German Americans in Connecticut during WWI

Has America always been a “Land of Opportunity” for immigrants?

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W. E. B. Dubois in the office of The Crisis

Black World War I Veterans Demand Civil Rights

How did World War I impact the struggle for civil rights in Connecticut and America?

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“Making Munitions is a Woman’s Job” During World War I

What impact did the women of Connecticut have on the Great War (WWI)?

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World War I Propaganda

What role does propaganda play in a time of war?

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Hill-Stead workers and overseer Allen Cook, ca. 1913

Is That a Mastodon?! A Case Study in Civic Responsibility

To what extent are we, as citizens and communities, responsible for scientifically and/or historically significant finds on public property?

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The Civilian Conservation Corps in Connecticut

How did the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) impact Connecticut?

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On the Move: The Bicycle, Women, and Social Change in the 19th Century

To what extent are technology, fashion, and social reform interconnected?

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Connecticut Women and the Women’s Suffrage Movement

How have American concepts of freedom and equality changed since the 1870s? How might the changes be perceived differently by different segments of the population?

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What does the battle over the Johnson-Jeffries fight film tell us about the social position of African Americans in Progressive-Era Connecticut?

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Roots of Labor Unrest in Progressive-Era CT

What were the causes of the labor unrest that roiled Connecticut in the years between 1900 and World War I?

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