The Fundamental Orders: Rules and Laws for Early Colonial Connecticut

What is the best way to organize a government? How did laws and rules in the colonies both promote and hinder freedom and equality?

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Lovely St. School, Avon, 1912

Kids in Connecticut History: Image Analysis Skill-Builder

In what ways have the lives of children in Connecticut changed or stayed the same over time?

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1685 Dutch Map

Mapping the New World: Dutch Maps of the Colonies

How did the physical geography of New England affect how the colonies developed?

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The Pequot War

How does colonization affect indigenous people?

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Recruitment poster for George Washington’s Continental Army

To Join, or Not to Join, George Washington’s Army

Why do people enlist in the military?

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Caleb Brewster & The Culper Ring

In what ways did “ordinary” Americans contribute to the American Revolution?

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New London’s Role in American Independence

What was Connecticut’s role in the American Revolution?

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George Washington’s Slave Census

What did the Founding Fathers really think about slavery?

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Charter Oak: A Symbol of Independence

How would you protect your freedoms?

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