Hartford: Then and Now

In what ways has Hartford, Connecticut, changed and/or stayed the same over time?

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Connecticut Women and the Women’s Suffrage Movement

How have American concepts of freedom and equality changed since the 1870s? How might the changes be perceived differently by different segments of the population?

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On the Move: The Bicycle, Women, and Social Change in the 19th Century

To what extent are technology, fashion, and social reform interconnected?

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Letter from Charles F. Coughlin to his mother, November 16, 1917

Over There: A Connecticut Soldier in France

How do you measure the cost of war?

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Peach Pit Hogshead

Joining the War Effort, One Peach Pit at a Time

How does an entire society participate in war?

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Church & State in the “Land of Steady Habits”

Has there ever been complete separation of church and state in Connecticut?

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Exploring Communities: Using Historic Maps to Learn about the Past

Why do our communities look the way they do today?

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Lovely St. School, Avon, 1912

Kids in Connecticut History: Image Analysis Skill-Builder

In what ways have the lives of children in Connecticut changed or stayed the same over time?

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Connecticut Heroes of World War I

What is the significance of Connecticut’s contribution to America’s story?

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Charter Oak: A Symbol of Independence

How would you protect your freedoms?

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1685 Dutch Map

Mapping the New World: Dutch Maps of the Colonies

How did the physical geography of New England affect how the colonies developed?

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The Fundamental Orders: Rules and Laws for Early Colonial Connecticut

What is the best way to organize a government? How did laws and rules in the colonies both promote and hinder freedom and equality?

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