Mary Townsend Seymour: A Hartford Activist Fights for Equity

In what ways have communities of color advocated for equity?

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Connecticut Heroes of World War I

What is the significance of Connecticut’s contribution to America’s story?

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“Women of Connecticut: Are You Helping?” The Reaction to Emergency Food Measures During World War I

Do government campaigns to promote “voluntary” patriotic efforts in a time of war strengthen or weaken American democracy?

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“Saved.” Theodate Pope and the Sinking of the Lusitania

To what extent has the United States succeeded in remaining neutral in times of war or global conflict?

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Connecticut Prepares for War, 1917

How does the role of government change in a time of war?

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Peach Pit Hogshead

Joining the War Effort, One Peach Pit at a Time

How does an entire society participate in war?

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Letter from Charles F. Coughlin to his mother, November 16, 1917

Over There: A Connecticut Soldier in France

How do you measure the cost of war?

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The Immigrant Experience During World War I: Enemy Aliens

How did the government effort to mobilize and monitor the Connecticut home front during World War I affect the immigrant experience and conceptions of national identity?

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Detail of the pamphlet American Ideals

Beware Thy Neighbor? German Americans in Connecticut during WWI

Has America always been a “Land of Opportunity” for immigrants?

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W. E. B. Dubois in the office of The Crisis

Black World War I Veterans Demand Civil Rights

How did World War I impact the struggle for civil rights in Connecticut and America?

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“Making Munitions is a Woman’s Job” During World War I

What impact did the women of Connecticut have on the Great War (WWI)?

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World War I Propaganda

What role does propaganda play in a time of war?

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