Who Gets to Vote? History of Voting Rights in Connecticut and the United States

How have the American conceptions of freedom and equality changed over time?

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The Immigrant Experience During World War I: Enemy Aliens

How did the government effort to mobilize and monitor the Connecticut home front during World War I affect the immigrant experience and conceptions of national identity?

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W. E. B. Dubois in the office of The Crisis

Black World War I Veterans Demand Civil Rights

How did World War I impact the struggle for civil rights in Connecticut and America?

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Connecticut Women and the Women’s Suffrage Movement

How have American concepts of freedom and equality changed since the 1870s? How might the changes be perceived differently by different segments of the population?

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African Americans in Progressive-Era CT: The Battle Over the Jack Johnson Fight film

What does the battle over the Johnson-Jeffries fight film tell us about the social position of African Americans in Progressive-Era Connecticut?

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The Black Law in Connecticut

What is social justice?

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