Inquiry-Based Activities

Teach It is a project of Connecticut Humanities, formed in collaboration with the Connecticut League of History Organizations. Driven by a desire to help the state’s educators foster a greater appreciation for Connecticut’s role in national historical narratives, Teach It provides inquiry-based activities that reinforce the learning principles found in the state social studies frameworks. These exercises contain grade-specific content meant to help educators incorporate Connecticut history into the classroom by providing resources that walk students through all four steps of the Inquiry Arc found in the Connecticut Social Studies Frameworks:

  1. Developing questions and planning inquiry
  2. Apply disciplinary concepts and tools
  3. Evaluating sources and using evidence
  4. Communicating conclusions and taking informed actions

The content for the activities was developed by educators for educators to be both intuitive and adaptable, allowing teachers the flexibility to incorporate the activities in the manner best-suited to their goals. Check back often as we are in regular contact with teachers, museum educators, heritage organizations, and educational consultants to develop new and relevant content for the site.

Field Trip Directory

In addition to the inquiry-based activities, Teach It offers educators a directory of field trips available at local heritage organizations that promote inquiry-based learning. As the result of collaborations held with museums and historical societies throughout the state, Teach It offers educators the opportunity to scroll through a directory of field trip offerings that not only specify their relevance to the state social studies frameworks, but also provide all the planning and contact information educators need to arrange their visit. This is a resource unique to Teach It and one regularly updated with new field trip experiences developed by organizations throughout Connecticut.

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